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Why Choose Orbit Skills Academy

We understand that the world of learning has changed. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver flexibility and value. ​ Our service is designed with customers in mind resulting in effective, convenient training supported by responsive customer service. We develop innovative programmes to ensure that every aspect of the learning development, delivery and administration of courses work to our clients’ benefit. ​ As an IT professional, you’ll know the importance of keeping up with the latest IT certifications. We offer a safe and flexible way for you to gain new IT certifications and also renew existing IT certifications.

Our learning Methods

Orbit Skills Academy understands that everyone is unique, which is why we have developed innovative learning modalities that fit your individual learning style and busy schedule.

Instructor-led Live Online – Providing all of the Benefits of public classroom training without the need to travel. Live Online classes can be attended from anywhere around the World. A perfect solution when travel budgets are restricted, or if travel away from the office is not possible.

Instructor-led Classroom – Foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach it gives you the energy and feedback of an in-person classroom setting with hundreds of locations globally, helping you to attend live classroom training in a location that is convenient to you.

On-Site training – More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. Orbit Skills Academy On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need—from a single team or department to everyone in your organization. Our trainers are industry experts in their field enabling us to tune into your needs without fuss or time consuming training needs analysis, meaning you get the course you need on time and on budget.

On Demand - For those who need to attend training to fit around their busy schedule, content can be completed at a convenient time for the student. Training can also be enhanced by adding virtual 'Office Hours' with an instructor to provide extra support where needed.