Our Learning Methods

Orbit Skills Academy understands that everyone is unique, which is why we've developed innovative learning modalities that fit your individual learning style and busy schedule.

Instructor-led Live Online

Providing all of the Benefits of public classroom training without the need to travel, Live Online classes can be attend from anywhere around the World. A perfect solution when travel budgets are restricted, or if travel away from the office is not possible.

Instructor-led Classroom

Method is the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach and gives you the energy and feedback of an in-person classroom setting with in hundreds of locations globally, helping you to attend live classroom training in a location that is convenient to you.

On-Site training

More and more companies are realizing the value of bringing training on-site. Orbit Skills Academy On-site Training is a flexible, cost-effective option that allows you to train as many or as few employees as you need from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

On Demand

Classroom courses are designed to allow you to work at your own pace and are modularized to help you master and build on concepts with hands-on activities.

Saving Your Money

Orbit skills Academy is committed to providing customers with best value training solutions. To complement the highest quality content, there are a number of ways customer of the training, including using Orbit Training Bundle offerings or Current Promotion.

Use our flexible training schedules to gain new skills when it’s most convenient.

Build deep technical skills when you choose, where you choose.

The modular, self-directed course structure adapts to your learning needs and learning style.

You can complete training piecemeal or in an order you choose so you can focus on what you don’t know, or on what you need to know right now.

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